规模最大的国际合格贸易买家聚会, 纽约CQ9电子游戏网站博览会展出超过200个本地的, 国家, 以及国际画廊和出版商, along with pioneering independent artists and photographers in the [SOLO] Project, 展示出成千上万的前瞻性思维, boundary-pushing works. 每一种空间、口味和预算都有合适的选择.

想要 展览?

寻求与贸易买家建立无价的联系, expand your business’s reach, sharpen your marketing skills, 让你的CQ9电子游戏网站生涯更上一层楼? 那么纽约CQ9电子游戏网站博览会就是你要去的地方!

想要 Attend?

With more than four decades of presenting stunning original artworks and cutting-edge seminars from industry leaders and key players, CQ9电子游戏网站expo New York is where over 40,000 buyers and collectors come to play.

游客 信息


贵宾 / 新闻 PREVIEW
Thursday, April 7 | 4 PM – 5 PM

Thursday, April 7 | 5 PM – 8 PM

PUBLIC 公平的小时
Friday, April 8 | 11 PM – 7 PM
Saturday, April 9 | 11 AM – 7 PM
Sunday, April 10 | 11 AM – 5 PM

(TRADE BUYERS/INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS:新闻, 媒体, Gallery Personnel, 设计师, CQ9电子游戏网站 Industry Professionals, Consultants, CQ9电子游戏网站 Dealers, 帧的商店, 零售商, 等.)


在曼哈顿时尚的下东区的纽约36号码头举行, 纽约CQ9电子游戏网站博览会展示了新兴的和标志性的, hosting everyone from Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg to Yayoi Kusama and Mr. 洗脑.


In today’s market, 在线预订网站提供最具竞争力的价格, flexible options and allow you to select the hotel that best meets your specific needs. Feel free to make reservations through the booking site of your choice or contact the hotel directly.  红杉CQ9电子游戏网站集团不隶属于任何预订网站, 因此, cannot act as an intermediary.

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Follow CQ9电子游戏网站expo New York on Facebook, Instagram, 推特, 和Flickr来保持最新的新闻和公告.

参展商 列表 & 画廊


商店 2021 参展商S’ CQ9电子游戏网站作品

  • Cliff on Desna River

    $2,990.00 快速视图
  • GOLDEN HCQ9电子游戏的

    $1,850.00 快速视图
  • Reflection, New York CIty

    $400.00 快速视图
  • Green Grapes

    $5,750.00 快速视图
  • Clairvaux retablo

    $12,200.00 快速视图
  • 我所知道的

    $1,892.00 快速视图
  • 灰色的幽灵

    $1,190.00 快速视图
  • Crane-neck vase(Green jade) – TM10

    $3,700.00 快速视图
  • 出售!

    牛# 1

    $1,425.00 快速视图
  • 酸橙汽水

    $2,100.00 快速视图
  • 人类的链接

    $8,000.00 快速视图
  • Disconnection

    $2,000.00 快速视图

CQ9电子游戏的 项目

CQ9电子游戏网站expo New York continuously develops new programs that champion the power of the arts to start conversations we might not otherwise have. These special programs range from immersive artist-led experiences to compelling seminars on today’s most pressing industry challenges and trends to ongoing collaborations with our partners. 特色节目包括《CQ9电子游戏网站实验室》、《CQ9电子游戏网站》和《CQ9电子游戏》 & 趋势.


CQ9电子游戏网站实验室的特色是由领先画廊特别策划的项目, art institutions, and art collectives within the fair.


The Spotlight Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge 画廊 and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

主题 & 趋势

的话题 & 趋势 education series offers cutting-edge seminars and high-quality professional development programming that offer expert perspectives on today’s most pressing industry challenges and the trends changing the way business is done.


深入了解CQ9电子游戏CQ9电子游戏网站家的独家采访, 画廊, and publishers and get a taste of what it’s like to be at the fair—whether as an exhibitor or attendee.


需要 更多信息?


是的,CQ9电子游戏一直在寻找友好而有活力的人来帮助CQ9电子游戏. Check out our Volunteer Application for more information.



The health, safety, security, and wellbeing of all who enter the fair is our number one priority. CQ9电子游戏已经制定并将实施场地计划, 政策和程序,以减少风险和保护CQ9电子游戏的集体健康. All federal, state, and county health guidelines will be followed and strictly enforced.

确保每个人的健康和幸福, we’re following New York City’s COVID regulations and the recommendations of John Hopkins University. 所有参展人员、参展商和工作人员必须参加 show proof of being fully vaccinated. We are all in this together!

Are wheelchairs allowed?

是的,CQ9电子游戏现场有参展的轮椅. 它们是先到先得的. 如果您在特定时间需要轮椅, we suggest you make arrangements with our operations manager via email at

Are children allowed?

Yes, children of all ages are allowed, and those 15 and under receive free admission. 然而, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and no strollers are permitted. 还有,请提醒你的孩子们千万别碰这些CQ9电子游戏网站品.

Can I bring a backpack?

为了您的安全,活动中不允许携带大包. Please do not bring suitcases, folding bicycles, 摩托车, 或者任何比手提包或笔记本电脑包大的东西.

My dog is super cute and never barks. She can even fit in my purse. Can I please bring her in?

We love pets, too! 然而, only ADA-certified service dogs assisting handicapped or disabled individuals are permitted inside the venue.

Can I take pictures of the artwork?

Photography of the artwork is only allowed with the exhibitor’s permission.

Who is that guy taking my picture?

新闻 and promotional photography and filming are taking place during the fair. Attendance at the fair implies permission for your image to be used for non-commercial purposes (including media reports).

Can I bring my vape pen?


COVID 19 的指导方针

All Health and Medical Guidelines will be strictly followed, which may include:

  • Ticketing pre-registration
  • Contactless and queued check-in
  • 入境前的疫苗接种和/或健康检查证明

参展商 信息


We welcome artists, artist collectives, 画廊, and art publishers to apply to our fairs.

展位大小 & 地板上的计划


CQ9电子游戏的 新闻

想看看纽约CQ9电子游戏网站展会得到什么样的媒体报道? 查看CQ9电子游戏的媒体报道和新闻稿.

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