In the booming world of blogging and writing, writers are full fleeted and required at every nook and canny for writing up articles, posts, reviews and much more. How would it feel to actually do all these works on your android based phone itself? Cool isn’t it? So how about getting to know certain apps that would help you write articles and posts etc. read on to know more about them.


One of the most known apps is now on android. It Works flawlessly for saving up documents, which gives a security to the writer at any given time and can be accessed easily from any place. Free storage adds to the benefits and provides a greater deal of support.


To every Zotero user, this app is a must for you. Access your files and library in zotero anytime through this app and go on writing. It is a must to have app for regular writers. To those who read this and would like to know, what Zotero is all about, it’s an app based on web that helps on storing up the document securely. Zandy shall help you access these files and edit them in your phone itself.

MW Dictionary:

No matter how good a writer you are. A dictionary is a must use at every phase of your writing arena. Better vocabulary, meanings of words and synonyms for the same words are important while writing and hence MW Dictionary must be there in your phone to start up writing better.

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Alright, office, no matter where it is its always a great app to use. So OfficeProSuite is great app for android based phones and equally compatible for writers too. The best addon of this app is that it comes with a PDF reader which allows users to view files without installing a new app especially for viewing.


Now that must have caught all blogger’s attention. This is one application that will make life of every blogger very easy. With an easy interface to use, bloggers can actually utilize it and write daily post on the move itself. So no more excuses to not write a post daily or non regularity in your blog work.

So work from home, work in office or work outstation, these apps will be beneficial for you and there would not be any break off of any type in your work flow. So now that you know that your work can be done on the go, move on and select any app mentioned above and write about your topics easily.