I still remember the time when my girlfriend told me to get lost, I couldn’t resist myself to shout to her that “Apple Apps won’t allow me to do that”. She dint know about the iPhone navigation apps, so ignorant of her. Jokes apart but surely it’s quite old now to rely on Apple maps when you have an option of turn-by-turn navigation. They are also helpful when you are in your speed chatting car and need directions. So following is the list of the top 5 iPhone navigation apps for car owners:



The best part of this app making it on the top of the list is that it’s FREE! WAZE works on user reported traffic information, even about the major happenings on your way, like accidents and construction. This popular app also provides updates on gas prices and gas stations and their offers. Offering voice guided directions and re-routing in case you missed the turn. A great package in free deal.



With the rescue operation of Google, Apple was able to convert its criticized launch into a successful turn-by-turn navigation app. As the priority of consumer get refined when you get the maximum in the minimum cost, this app is for you, as its completely free. Easy to find locations, free voice guide, route choices and a massive database of locations will make every search of yours interesting.


Telenav is one of the oldest players in creating navigation apps for cells. The latest launch of the company is Scout, which is free for the basic features but can be upgraded to Scout plus in 10$. The main feature of scout is that it allows the user to download maps, resulting in accessing locations without data connections. Telenav is working to integrate phone navigation with Ford models too making it a superior power in the app world.


With just 99 cents as an up-front cost, but a voice prompt upgrade worth 9.99$ Motion X GPS offers a unique feature of sharing the current location on social networks. It has a capability to pre-load a map and to recalculate the route if it gets off track. A perfect app with a very innovative user friendly interface.

CoPilot GPS:

The initial setup is free but you will need to pay 20$ up gradation fee so as to use it as a proper navigation features. Instead of streaming the maps via web this app provides a high end solution and comes with a full database. It fetches the data from the device proving much helpful for the people crossing poor connection areas or if they have low bandwidth data subscriptions.

So the next time you’re stuck up in the middle of “getting lost situation”, take out your Apple and catch a glimpse of your location through any one of these apps and stay rest assured that there won’t be anything that will make you go round and round in circle not knowing where you are.