Online shopping is increasing tremendously on the internet these days everyone rely on online shopping for gadgets and mostly for books. Slowly and slowly nearly every country is acquiring online shopping method to give ease to customers to shop what they need. But the thing which we have to keep in mind is that not only online shopping sites are rising on net but also Cyber Robbers and hackers are now trying to make their full use to this method. But still you don’t need to worry at all. All you have to do is follow these little steps to have a safe and secure shopping.

Keep well maintained antivirus:

The only key to safe and secure shopping is to have a well maintained, regularly updated antivirus to prevent virus, malware and hackers to access your ID and take all the passwords and Credit card details. There are now varieties of infections being created the most common one is backdoor virus.

Be careful not to get into Phishing sites:

This is another method of tricking online users to get their complete ID details within seconds what they do is that they create a phishing site that is, they create a clone of the same website and send it to users online to trick them. The only solution to this is that always check the link to which you are logging in and make sure that their links are from official page. To be more secure you should add one Security toolbar or add on which automatically blocks the page. The best known ones are WOT (Web of trust) and Avast Secure (which is inbuilt to their antivirus).

Always consider the website from various users or reviewers before buying:

There are various websites which have a very poor reputation or are fake ones so in order to buy from a particular website you should first consider it by many blogs and friends and then move on to it. If you are using EBay then always have a look over the seller’s reputations and feedback.

Always check for keyboard cover or any other port inserted to port before accessing the PC in Cyber Cafe or on others PC:

Always have a look on the keyboard and check if there is any special keypad cover installed or any other port inserted before the keyboard’s PS2 port. There are several ways where people try to track down what all you have typed in order to get your ID and Password easily. To make sure of that always keep a look on the following and then access the particular PC.

Always check for SSL installed on website you are logging in:

Before logging in make sure that the site is installed with SSL. To check that all you need to do is look on the title of the browser where the link has been written. If in https:// the “s” alphabet is mentioned then that means the site is secure else you should never login on that page or get it confirmed from others for its security.

Just follow these simple steps and enjoy safe and secure online shopping. Also there is now very high securities been given by web browsers as well to make your shopping easier. If you have any other queries you can comment below.