Android phones are common reference to mobile devices and smartphones that are powered by various versions of the Android operating system. All the major brands offer Android-based mobile devices. The same manufacturer offers different models, and also upgrades the models in terms of both hardware and Android version to capture more and more markets. In order to sustain sales and profits, the brands offer high performance and innovative features. These include high resolution displays, compact size, advanced internet connectivity, multimedia support, and a range of apps to choose from both official and third-party app stores.

The Android phone makers are ensuring efficient performance in terms of ease of usage, convenience, portability, and robustness to withstand different weather conditions. All these factors have made the Android phone an indispensible part of modern mobile users for their communication, entertainment, and multimedia needs. The manufacturers are also making sure to offer interesting input options for the users including capacitive multi-touch screens and QWERTY keyboard support. The user interfaces are also friendly and intuitive to use.

Some important considerations and powerful features of Android phones are listed below:

Keep the phone fully charged, and before first use always register the Google account or set-up a new Google account.
Get full familiarity with the home screen and navigation features for efficient use. The home screen is made up of wallpaper, widgets, apps, and shortcuts. Practise navigation by tapping, and learn to customise by adding, removing, and changing widgets, shortcuts, etc.
Master the standard Android keyboard with QWERTY layout for faster text editing operations
Almost all Android phones come with standard, physical press-and-release buttons or touch-sensitive soft buttons. The universal buttons like Home, Back, Menu, etc., are self-explanatory, and have common purpose irrespective of Android model. Although some models come with trackball, it is the power to control and operate with fingers that makes these phones convenient. Swiping to scroll up and down, pressing, and holding are the main finger control operations.

Consumers familiar with computers would not find any difficulty in easily operating Android phones as most of the features and their operations can be performed intuitively and with great ease.
Communication features including making calls, transmitting text messages, and handling contact information empower these phones, and navigating to these necessary apps, modifying shortcuts, dialling numbers, receiving calls, etc., are pretty straightforward operations. The power of Android lies in managing your contacts whether it is for calling, texting, e-mailing, Facebook, or Twitter.

Browsing the web using Android phones is made very convenient through the use of Browser app or the Browser button for quick launch. You can also use the Search button on the Home screen and type in a random website address. Android browsers not only render the full web page, but also have support for Adobe Flash websites.
Range of Apps for email, calendar, maps, and navigation offer the user a complete mobile experience even when he is travelling in a car. In addition, Android markets can be browsed, and selected apps can be bought or installed directly over the phone with a few finger movements.

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