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We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday… well, probably not

My dad’s birthday is tomorrow and I think I’ve set myself up for disaster. I’m slated to go catch The Dark Knight with him. No, that’s not the problem. (We might be the only people not to


Y’know what gets on my nerves? When companies repost jobs online I’ve previously applied for, but were either rejected for without the chance for an interview or that I never got contacted back about, especially when not


Updating a story previously reported here first (well, and only here, really, since — well — it’s about me…), I went ahead and asked out the hot bank teller girl who chatted me up and who messed

“How much for the little girl?”

This past weekend away has me more convinced than ever that entity-ownership of children is a way of life that will never change. Not only was I forced to sit through seeing Chinese Olympic gymnasts (who all

Drink more water

This probably takes more explanation than it’s worth, but here we go… See all that water? Two 24-packs of Dasani and 17 additional gallons of water being held in four three-gallon water jugs and one five-gallon water

This is what goes on in my brain

Y’know, I’ve been thinking about the priorities I’ve set in my pursuit of a suitable Mrs. Maybe it has been too superficial of me to hold out hope that I’ll wind up with a supermodel who can

Something written by someone else for a change

Ok, I know I promised to continue/finish the Gloria and Janey saga, but I’ve been busy with actual work and stuff, and it’s Rockies opening day and I have beer to drink and baseball to watch. Also,

Gloria and Janey becomes real life

Oh look at me being the worst blogger ever (like this is news to anyone). There have been some new, and potentially scary, developments that just happen to involve my sister and I haven’t had a chance

I wish I never had to write this one

First, here are some facts: 1. I used to be able to hold my liquor. I can’t do it anymore but sometimes I forget that. 2. I went straight to the bar from work, and didn’t eat

I think I’m going crazy. It’s at least a 50-50 chance.

Actually, the chances of me going (being?) crazy are probably a little better than 50-50, but I like even numbers. It’s one of those things I have. Like when I change the volume on the tv, it has to be an