The demand of point and shoot cameras is on high level at the present time and so its market is stuffed with options. Such cameras fulfill the ultimate desire of the users. One can get discrete style to fantastic zooming facility all embodied just in a single camera. There are mainly two groups of people one who love to click photos and the other who love to be clicked.

In fact at the present time photography has become the passion of so many people and these people are freak of cameras. They keep on looking for most updated and excellently featured cameras to capture their thoughts. In order to fulfill the customers’ demand the companies are working day night and launching new models of cameras embodying unique facilities every second month. Let us have a look at the best 5 point and shoot cameras.

Nikon coolpix P300:

Nikon coolpix p300

Nikon is one of the top most companies in the camera souk. It has recently launched a new version of camera names Nikon Coolpix P300. It is quite similar to CanonS95 and so a number of people keep on comparing although the claims there are a lot of differences.  If we look at its feature we will see that the model weighs 6.7oz, and it’s designed with a 3 inch screen. It offers 12.2 megapixels along with great battery backup. This very model by Nikon I not so good for pocket fitting and zooming but it is rated as the best for low light shots.

Canon Power Shot S95- Great features in a small package:


The catch line of this camera describes its excellence in details. This camera is hardly larger than a deck of cars but it looks very descent and elegant and the most interesting feature of this camera is it can capture stills at any condition. The camera is equipped with a large screen of 3 inches, and weighs 6oz. It offers 10 megapixels along with good battery backup. Not only for stills but it is a very good choice for video recording as well.

Sony Cyber Shot DSE TX-10- The rugged compact:

Sony Cyber Shot DSE TX-10

Sony is all-time famous for its electronic gadgets and from few years it has become popular for its cameras as well. Cyber-shot DSE TX10 is one of the most excellent launches of Sony and this camera is equipped with some great features. It offers a screen of 2.9 inches and weighs only 4.2oz although it offers 16.2 megapixels shot which is a great thing to have indeed. It is a pocket fitting camera that stands out for video recording too.

Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR:


It is another big name in camera market. Its launch named F550 EXR belongs to its F series and the camera is featured with 3 inch screen weighing 6.88oz. It offers 16 megapixels shots along with outstanding battery support. It is perfect model for video recording as well.

Nikon Coolpix L810- The professional:


As the catch line says this is a camera the professional look for. It is actually an excellent model to e in hand and. It is featured with 3 inch screen and weighs 15.2oz offering 16 megapixels shots. Apart from that it provides a great battery support and video recorder as well.