Best Facebook Account Security Tips

Nowadays majority of the people are interacting with their friends, relatives etc on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Among these all the most popular one is the Facebook. According to various reports they say that about 60% of the total population of the world is on Facebook. It has it’s own set of Pro’s and Con’s. We are not about to discuss that topic now. But the topic we are going to discuss is much more important than that. You have all your personal information including your age, name, date of birth, mobile phone etc on the Facebook.

The most common threat that every Facebook user has is that his/her account getting hacked by someone. So in these times Facebook security is taken to be in immense consideration. For this there are plenty of security tools available in the market to keep your account more protected. But you personally need to pay some attention and be alert. Here are some tips that I would like to give you.

Facebook Account Security Tips:

Don’t Reveal Your Password:

You might be a big fool if you reveal your personal information like the usernames, passwords etc to your friends or anyone else. Sometimes various fake Facebook representatives e mail you to provide them with certain information related to your account. So don’t ever let them know in sort of condition.

Don’t Reuse Password:

Facebook is a site in which you store your personal information. but if you want your account to be fully secured then you will remember a lots of passwords if you have many accounts from various websites. But one thing that you can do is create a notepad file in which you can keep all your passwords there else you don’t have any other option rather than installing the Password Manager Software. The main point of this topic is that you don’t have to not to use many passwords.avoid the reuse of passwords.

Use Complex Passwords:

You have to be very careful while you are deciding the password of your. To be on the better side you have to choose a password that includes both small caps and full caps. Don’t ever keep the passwords as your date of birth or anything else it would be very easy for the person to guess it. So choose a complex password that you will remember much better

Turn On HTTPS:

These are of two kinds of it HTTP and HTTPs. You might be thinking how that these can be of your help but it is because it helps when you are using your Facebook using the HTTP it is optional. You may if you want to do so.

Beware of Click-Jacking:

You might not be aware of this concept so let me tell you what actually click jacking is, it is actually a website that contains certain viruses and certain malicious codes that may take any dangerous steps without consulting you.