Born to Run

I guess I can officially call myself a runner now!

On Sunday I finished my first ever 5K race, the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K around the Baltimore Inner Harbor. The 3.125 miles took me about 39 minutes — ten for the first mile, which I ran the whole way, and about 14 minutes for the second and third miles, which I walked about half of.

I am thrilled with those times considering my Couch to 5K training was sporadic beyond January — I thought I’d finish closer to 45 minutes or an hour. I’m also very proud that I set and completed a goal for myself. Knowing that I’ve done it once now, I’m excited to sign up for another run and improve my time.

My body handled the run well, which I consider another accomplishment. I didn’t get crampy in my lungs, a problem I’ve always battled before. I think that’s a sign that my body can actually handle running, and that I just need to stick with it to improve my endurance. I don’t think I need Couch to 5K at this point, but I will be running intervals and working my way up to longer and longer distances.

Next up? The Warrior Dash — possibly. My group signed up for it before realizing it was the same day as Preakness, so I have to decide what I’d rather do. Preakness is practically a holiday in Maryland, so it’s tough to pass on. (It’s ALSO the same weekend as Bloggers in Sin City. Dear everyone, stop planning all of the fun things in the same weekend!) There are plenty of other 5Ks and races to choose from though, so I’m sure I’ll find one to lace up my shoes for.