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Some Things to Consider When Buying a Used PC

Considering the growth in the world of computers, it sometimes feels quite strange to think of buying a used PC. Most people are of the view that you should wait for a new model instead of buying

Google Drive & Sky Drive & Dropbox – Which One Is Best?

Here are a few details concerning these three cloud services. Google Drive, Sky Drive and Dropbox are all popular cloud services, and have each been tested independently by a number of different people and companies. Here are

Top 5 Online Shopping Websites in India

Online shopping is in craze nowadays. The reasons behind the popularity of online shopping are easy availability of wide range of brands, availability of countless products ranging from clothes and accessories to furniture and ease of having

Top 5 Alternatives to Whatsapp

It is a free of cost solution in your smart phones for communicating across the globe. Whatsapp is not exclusively made for any single operating system but it is easily used for iOS and Android phones. Its

How to Monitor Kid’s Cell Phone and Internet Activities

Smartphone addiction is coming up as a new challenge in front of whole world. Especially when it comes to the children, it is serious to consider the use of smartphones. Children are found to be continually busy

12 High Battery Capacity Smartphones

With bigger and brighter screens, multi-core processors, various connectivity options, a smartphone battery has to get through a lot of fuss. Smartphone users often complaint about short battery life problems. We saw the same thing when iPhone

How to Setup Google Alert on Gmail Account

Google Alerts is one of the most useful online versatile tool which enables you to listen to conversations you may not be aware of. These conversations may be regarding you, or any of your products. To keep

Measure Your Blood Alcohol Level using Your Smartphone

Shocking as it might seem, an Israeli Army Veteran has come up with the world’s first smartphone breath analyzer, which he has named as Alcohoot, enabling you to measure the amount of alcohol in your blood using

Top 5 Best Point and Shoot Cameras in India

In recent times, a large number of individuals are seen taking up photography not only as a pass time and a hobby, but also as a full-time profession. This has led to a lot being said and

Top 5 Best Ultrabooks of this Age to Choose From

While this generation is in dire need of some electronic devices to ease their working process, people intend to buy the best PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and ultrabooks with astounding features and functions that adds smoothness and