Crossposted from Foodiepalooza (regular programming to resume soon…promise):

One of the things we aim to do here at Foodiepalooza is to turn those of you who might be a little kitchen timid into culinary rock stars. Though we make no promises of pending Food Network stardom, cookbook deals, or fabulous restaurants in your name (if it comes your way, that’s just gravy), we will say this: If you hang with us and try our recipes on for size, you will see what we see, that cooking is a hell of a lot of fun and rewarding too.

Case in point: We’ve cobbled together an easy-to-make Monday night dinner for you, one with simple ingredients and great flavors. The menu: a roasted chicken, some buttery potatoes and herbed green beans.

Let’s start with the chicken.

As we mentioned last week, chef Anthony Bourdain believes “you are one helpless, hopeless, sorry-ass bivalve in an apron” if you can’t roast a chicken properly. And by properly, we suppose he means what all well-trained French chefs mean: Something that’s tender, and most importantly, something that tastes like a chicken. We know that sounds really obvious, but a roasted chicken is one of those things that you can under or overdo if you’re not paying attention.

And that, friends, is why we never started roasting our own chickens until recently.

Yes, we were chicken shit.

But when we got Bourdain’s “Les Halles Cookbook” for Christmas a few years ago, we mustered up the courage to tackle this most common of edible birds. And, after a bit of trial and error (the electric stove in our new home was to blame), we discovered that roasted chicken…in our own stove…moan…sigh…oh my God, we need a cigarette because that’s just how good it is for us.

Sold yet?

We knew you would be.