Drink more water

This probably takes more explanation than it’s worth, but here we go…

See all that water?

Two 24-packs of Dasani and 17 additional gallons of water being held in four three-gallon water jugs and one five-gallon water jug (two of the three-gallon jugs are hidden in the back).

Well, last night I was pushing all that around at the store in a shopping cart prior to it landing here in the back of Momz’ car.

(I don’t know if this is common anywhere else in the country, but you need to know that up around these parts, stores such as those of the local grocery variety, as well as Wal-Mart, Meijer[*], and the like, have reverse osmosis water filtration system dispenser stations in place within the store to provide people an alternative to awful tap water, door-to-door water delivery services, or things like, well, Dasani.)

I was tagging along with Momz at Meijer while she did some grocery shopping. I was essentially on hand to fill the jugs, put them in the cart, push the heavy water jug cart around the store, move the water from the cart to the car, and then from the car to the house.

The 24-packs of Dasani happened to be on sale as well, and since those individual bottles are good for when you wanna take your water mobile, of course, I was directed to grab a couple packs.

After I had filled the water jugs and placed them into the cart, and after I had placed the two 24-packs of said Dasani onto the bottom of the cart, I felt the need to go to the electronics section to check on the availabilty of Guitar Hero III (with guitar).

It was available, as it turns out. I didn’t get it, though.

However, as I made my way over there, I struggled at one point to get the water-heavy cart to maneuver through tight turns of an under-construction section of the store directly between the grocery area and the electronics area when a Meijer employee stocking something or other glanced my way.

He glanced back away before then doing a double-take.

Meijer dude: “Geez, that’s a lot of water…”

Me: “Yeah, I know… I’m preparing for Y2K.”

Of all the responses swirling around in my head, the Y2K one was the one that popped out my mouth? I had to do all I could not to crack up after I said it.

It took the dude a moment, but after a confused look and a turn-away to get back to work, he got it. He shook his head as he laughed, but he got it.

Then I cracked up.

There’s nothing quite like laughing at your own jokes. Especially when they’re 8-years-old.

[*] For the non-midwesterners out there, Meijer is essentially the same store as Wal-Mart, except it spans only five of these here United States, instead of being a globally invasive corporate evil)