Battery life is among the most important matter of concern the smartphones. We have observed terribly low battery life in iPhone 4S although some people are complaining the same about the iPhone 5 battery life. The life of the battery is determined by how you are utilizing it. Some individuals are hardcore users while some use it just for Emails, Texting and calling. There might be certain reason behind low battery life. Nevertheless, we have provided some tips that you could try to boost the battery life of the iPhone.

How to improve battery life of your iOS 6 device?

Lets have a look on few effective tips to extend battery life of your iOS6 device:

Complete the Entire Power Cycle:

What is actually power cycle? This means draining out the entire battery of the iPhone until it gets turned off after which you should charge the battery fully. This will surely improve the condition of battery of  your iOS6 device. You must at least one complete cycle monthly.

Restore the iPhone and Set as New:

Many people think that restoring iPhone enhances the life of the battery. Yes, it does only when you “restore” as new iPhone rather than restoring from the Back-up. So, if you ever wish to restore your apple iphone, set as “New” rather than “backup from previous device”. It’s really a hectic job but it’s very useful one.

Turn off Area Services:

Location service consumes your battery quickly. Therefore turn off the location service when you’re not using it. Besides, you may change off for single app by going to “Settings > Privacy > Location”

Switch off Raise to Speak Option:

Raise to Speak option automatically switch on the “Siri” whenever your raise your apple iphone. This option uses accelerometer. Therefore by turning it you will notice some improvements in the battery life.

Notification Widgets:

Notification widgets additionally drain battery particularly when they are not really useful. For example Weather and Stocks, turning them off will even increase the iPhone’s battery life.

Push Apps:

Similar to Location Services, notifications additionally drain battery quickly. Turn them off or apply them for specific applications. Navigate to Settings to get them off.

Kill the Background Apps:

While most background apps have no effect on iPhone’s battery life, some apps — for example those that make use of the GPS for routing — can consume the entire battery when your iPhone does nothing.
An Apple genius suggested closing all the background apps once in awhile. To do this double-tap on the home key to open the multitasking bar. Then press-and-hold each app so that they begin to jiggle and the close icon come up.

Auto-Lock screen:

Another tip that makes an impact is to locking the screen after a short time. This can help conserve battery life since it turns the screen off whenever your handset is not being used. Set it to turn off after a few minutes.

Other Options:

They were some essential services. You may also switch off the following options especially when you’re not using them for example Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, decrease brightness, LTE, and Switch off the iPod Eq.