After years of expansion and modification, Blackberry 10 is finally out in the market. The instantaneous operating system of the gadget offers a secure and influential platform for the users. Basically, Blackberry 10 offers a new beginning for the brand in the market outside. The handset is new in the cellular market, so here are some facts that you ought to know about the functioning of BlackBerry 10. These are:


In the phone app, there are three main tabs: calls, dial pad and contacts. On BlackBerry 10, receiving calls is the best experience. The complete action of receiving call is fluidic and prevents automatic answering of calls. The contact tab is similar to the contact app. But, as you press on the dial pad, you can hear different traditional tones on each key press. As you swipe down to the edge, you get various calling options such as call audio, Call forwarding. Bluetooth, Call waiting, hearing aid mode, call summary. Call blocking and voice mail.


BlackBerry Messenger has become the main marketing medium for Blackberry handsets. BBM of BlackBerry 10 has been completely refurbished to generate a new experience. Apart from general features such as message broadcasting, video or picture messaging, e-mailing, voice calling, playing music and emoticons, there are further more additions such as Video chatting. BBM video chatting is the basic highlight of this restricted BBM that allows you to carry out video chatting among your friends.

Addition of Navigation Features:

Blackberry 10 is designed with various navigation tools such as Blackberry Hub, BlackBerry Flow and Blackberry Peek. Blackberry Hub notifies the user with emails, new text messages, social media alerts, and BBM messages. Blackberry Flow allows eight apps to work simultaneously at a same time. User can move to and fro while working on these apps. Blackberry Peek allows the user to peek at other apps while working on the current app.

Over 70,000 Apps:

Like other Android handsets, Blackberry now features over 70,000 apps. RIM proclaimed many apps like ESPN Score Centre, Cut the Rope, Twitter, Kindle Fire, Skype, radio, Angry Birds, Flixter, and many more. All these apps are way easy to download on the handset through Blackberry world store. These apps encompass every genre be it music, entertainment, theme and the like.

Separation of Personal and Vocation Apps:

Blackberry is out with a new app “Blackberry Balance” that separates the work apps from the personal entertainment apps. Resultantly, your personal data will never get mixed with official one if your use this app. If one of your employees leaves your company, all his info will get automatically wiped away.

Unique Keyboard:

RIM has announced to give a unique keyboard experience. This keyboard allows user to flick the words from the keyboard directly to the screen. You just need to use your thumb in typing your searches or messages.

So, these are some facts that can be helpful for you in knowing the latest features about Blackberry 10. Though the price list of Blackberry 10 is not yet out, but experts will get back to you with the price list soon.