Slow speed is a very common issue found in the Android phones. Many of you might be worried about slow speed and lesser responsiveness of your Android smart phone. More often the slowness of Android phone is because of older ROM’s but not always. Just like personal computers and other gadgets, there are many reasons that make your android phones slower. We all hate slow and less responsive gadgets. So, in this article I’ll be going to share few effective tips that will help you to speed up your Android phone.

Remove Useless Apps:

Having too many apps on your Android phones can make your android phone slower. The first thing you need to do to improve the speed of your Android phone is to remove useless apps from your Android phone. Mostly we all have many apps which we don’t use. So, there is no use to keep those apps in your smart phones. By removing the useless apps you can increase the free memory space of your device which will directly help you to speed up your Android device.

Update Android OS:

Keeping the latest and updated version of Android OS in your Android phone can help you to fix numerous bugs and other issues related to your Android device. To keep your Android phone well maintained and responsive, you should have an updated version of Android OS in your device.

Reset Factory Setting of Your Phone:

Reset Factory setting is another simple yet effective way to improve speed of your Android phone. By this you can solve the issues caused by the apps you have installed and the setting you have made. Factory reset will make your device’s system just like the new one.

Use Apps to Speed up Android Phone:

There are many apps available at Google play store which can help you to improve speed of your Android phone. The apps like Avast! Mobile Security, Start up manager, Easy cache cleaner, Apps 2 SD, Advanced task killer can save your device’s battery and can also speed up your Android phone. These apps will also improve the responsiveness of your Android phones.

Root your Android Phone:

Rooting might be a difficult and risky task for many users but it gives you more options to customize your Android Phone. A rooted phone gives better performance than a non-rooted Android phone. After rooting your Android device you can speed up the processor by overclocking process. You can also install custom ROMs to speed up your Android phone’s speed.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about rooting and installing custom ROM then I would suggest you to avoid these two.

So, these were few tips by which you can speed up an Android phone. I hope this will help you to make your Android phone more responsive and fast. If you have any suggestions with you to speed up Android phone then feel free to share your suggestions by dropping a comment below.