How to Monitor Kid’s Cell Phone and Internet Activities

Smartphone addiction is coming up as a new challenge in front of whole world. Especially when it comes to the children, it is serious to consider the use of smartphones. Children are found to be continually busy in texting, playing games and internet browsing. This in turn is taking them away from their studies and making them a serial procrastinator.

However, the major problem is talking and interacting with strangers for long hours on the social networking sites. Children are innocent and most of the time; they tend to share their personal details with people which may give hazardous results. This article will concentrate on the best ways to monitor children’s cell phone and internet activities.

At the first place, let me answer the question: Why to monitor children’s cell phone and internet activities? Well parents need to constantly monitor the cell phone and internet activities of their kid. Researchers says that around 80% of the high school kids spends too much time on the social networking sites and indulged in bad habits of smoking, risky sex, depression, eating disorders, drug, and alcohol abuse and absenteeism.

If you are among those parents whose children are spending much time with their cell phones, you need check. For those, who children use lesser time, need to probe that whether they are busy in texting or on social media, early in the morning or late night.

There are many useful applications which help you to monitor your children’s cell phone activities.


TextGaurd is a very useful application that you to need install on your kid’s cell phone. Once you log in to this application, textguard will inform you about all the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages e-mails and even you can see the web browsing history. The best of using this app is that you can choose certain phone number and block the number as well, if you suspicious. This will ensure that your child is not going text, e-mail or call the concerned person.


This is a computer application that helps you keep an eye on website that your kid is visiting. You may also get to know how often they are visiting the internet and all their log-in activity.

My Mobile Watchdog:

This is also an application which you may install on the cellphone. It helps in updating all the activities happening on the given phone. Even it helps in receiving alerts from certain numbers. Right from the internet activities to the mobile phone activities.

Bonus tip:

Another important application that you need to download is androidlost. This application is not so handy in monitoring your child’s activities but you can use well, if your child misplaces the cellphone somewhere. Of course, this application is only used in the android phones.


The above mentioned applications are best and useful in keeping an eye on your children and monitor his/her cell phone and internet activities.