Android, after its official launch has taken the technology to the next level and its chemistry with Smartphone, is one of the most pioneering innovations in the technological world without a doubt. Android is actually an operating system that offers some outstanding open ended facilities to the phone. At the present time almost every leading mobile company like Samsung, Micromax, LG and HTC are using this operating system into their latest devices.

There are millions of special apps and games which are available for free download in Google Play. As the time passes, almost every second new apps or games especially designed for the Android are added.

However it was quite disappointing for Game lovers as they could not enjoy the existing android games on their PC, but now it is just not a big deal. Android games are now accessible on the PC as well. You just need to follow certain steps to play Android Games on your PC or Laptop.

    1. Wader up the PC: The moment you are thinking of having Android game on your PC the first step that you need to do is to wader up your computer. This is will make your task very easy.
    2. Set up Flash Develop and start new projects: This is a very easy yet a very important task. Once you set up the Flash Develop and start a project on it you just need to follow certain instruction and almost half of your task is done.
    3. Install Android USB: The next step is to set up the USB driver of Android operating system. This is not a big issue to install it. Actually, the moment you are seeking to download, they will themselves ask you the type of your phone. Once you insert it you will get the download option. Turn on the Debug Mode is a must at that time.
    4. Choose the games you want on your PC: There are endless Android games, so you first need to short list the games you want to have on your PC. After the short listing is done, link your Android device with the USB slot and you will get it on your computer.

Installing emulator is must to play Android games in PC. Many emulators are available for download. One of the most downloaded emulator is Bluestacks. Download and install the apk files. Extract the rar files. Next thing you need to do is to open the apk file, and start playing your favorite Android game on your PC or Laptop.

Having the games on your PC, install and make them run properly and you will be able to enjoy the ultimate fun. Android games like Blue Stacks, Pulse, Sprinkle Free, Drag racing are really one of a kind with outstanding features and fun elements. In fact you will get to see a lot of games that are especially made for a particular group like children. Having such game in hand you will not only enjoy fun but gain some knowledge as well. So do not delay, install Android and have its exciting games on your PC.