How to root Motorola Xoom easily

The Motorola Xoom is a computer based tablet launched by Motorola. Since, it is an android device so people are looking up for options of rooting the device as it opens up new dimensions of exploring new features. If you happen to be curious knowing rooting methods, carry on reading this article it will guide you with the best rooting method.

Update: for rooting purposes both the Wi-Fi and 3G connections is convenient. You must also create some back up options. Before actually starting with the rooting procedure you must be aware that it works on both the 3G model and Wi-Fi handsets. Besides this, it hardly takes 5 minutes to get overclocked.
Root Motorola Xoom
This method works with all kinds of unlock, root and unroot and relock of the Motorola Xoom MZ600.

1. You must set your tablet in the Debug mode
2. You don’t need to download the SDK or any images
3. You must be ready to take the risk. For example like every other device it also risks to the bricking of the device. Don’t worry but be cautious. However, it is important to know that it may also dissolve the warranty of your device.

Note: Wi-Fi version of the tool only works for the unlocking and rooting.
Download the Moto drivers before initiating with the process to root Motorola Xoom.

The following are two versions of the tool.
1. Root and unroot both is associated with stock system.img clocking at 200+ mb.
2. There is also a NOT Unroot version. This is a smaller version of 19mb. It gives you the facility of NOT UNROOT with this tool. Of course this gives you opportunity to unrooting the device but you cannot relock.
Steps to root Motorola Xoom:

1. It is necessary to unzip the files that you have downloaded earlier. Save all the files in the folders and the directory. Preferably it is better to save the folder on the root drive ( root my xoom).
2. Now once you are completed with the above chores make sure to run the Xoom one click Exe tool and follow the instructions.

So, basically this is all what you need to do. The process is extremely easy and straightforward. Just you need to download the file, connect it with your device and follow the instructions flashed with the installation of program and it is done. This one click rooting method also enables you to go for the overclocking features as well at the same time. Once the rooting is complete the update will be flashed in the timat kernel. It will hardly take 45 seconds and after the rebooting procedure you can also install set CPU then overclock to1.5 Ghz within seconds which will enhance the speed of your device.