Measure Your Blood Alcohol Level using Your Smartphone

Shocking as it might seem, an Israeli Army Veteran has come up with the world’s first smartphone breath analyzer, which he has named as Alcohoot, enabling you to measure the amount of alcohol in your blood using your iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget. Did that raise your eyebrow? Sure it did so read on about it.

With this new app, you don’t need to rely anymore on those previous apps where you had to prove your mind stability, and efficiency to determine the level of drinking, or apps where you had to feed the number of bottles you took out to calculate the final results. All you are going to need is to buy the small, elegant Alcohoot from the market, and install a small app on your smartphone. The device will easily fit in your pockets, and comes handy, allowing for a better travel experience. Take it to any party with you, and go worry free.

Apart from determining your blood alcohol level, the app also has additional features like it will even help you locate the nearest taxi stands, and post bar eateries once you go drunk. The sensors used in the device are the same ones as used by law enforcement people to check alcohol levels in drivers.

According to Ben Biron, the real mind behind the app, “Moderate drinkers have more fun, you stay out later, you get the girl and that’s the whole idea,” “Alcohoot lets people use data to drive their drinking decisions rather than just relying on their instincts” he added. Biron, and his co-founder Jonathan Ofir, first had the idea after they witnessed a problem in Israel Defense Force in 2010 when a sign posted at army base’s entrance listed drunk driving as a major cause of death among soldiers. He began his experiments when he saw similar behavior after enrolling in Wingate University.

Alcohoot runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It uses platinum grade fuel cells, and a unique air pressure sensor to ensure the consistency in accuracy, and reliability of results every time you use it. In helps you in tracking your results throughout the night so that you’re well aware of the increase, or decrease in concentrations of alcohol. This will benefit you by making you understand how your body reacts towards alcohol, thus enabling you to make wiser, and smarter decisions, leading to tension free enjoyments. Once you’re aware that you’re drunk, you would easily be able to order a taxi, or find nearby restaurants to relax, and have something to eat.

The app will even let you know when it needs calibration. You will be sent a pre-calibrated alcohoot to replace your existing device, which you will then have to return to the company. Although the device would be available only till September 2013, but you may still place your orders on the official website, and get yourself one for as low as $75.

Order your own Alcohoot from the official website of Alcohoot here: GetAlcohoot First batch of devices will ship from September 2013 onwards. More than 500 buyers have already reserved their devices.