Music Makes the Nerdballs Come Together

Once upon a time I thought it would be cool to start an all-girl rock band named Liquid Bitch. I thought it would be cool even though I can’t really sing too well or play anything but trumpet and French horn. But even so, it was the concept of having a bad-ass, in-your-face, all-girl rock band that I liked.

I had a couple of drinks one night and floated the idea with my mother, who frowned and said “Liquid Bitch sounds like porn.”

Perfect! Then my concept has legs!

So I embarked on a recruiting mission. I, of course, would be the tormented lead singer, the Courtney Love type who is actually too nerdy to wear that look convincingly. My sister jumped in the fray and said she’d be the drummer (even though she doesn’t know a drumstick from a chopstick), but only if she could drum in a spinning cage like the dude in Def Leppard…or was it Motley Crue?

I can’t remember, but you get the idea.

And then somehow the band lost its momentum. I went from thinking Liquid Bitch would be a great band to thinking it would make a great ‘zine. And I made an issue or two, dolling it up with super-cool clip art. I even reserved the domain name for when the ‘zine would take the web by storm.

But then I let the registration lapse and some photographer snapped it up. Of course I let rip with a primal scream because I couldn’t fathom the injustice of it all. As such, I’ve got my eye on this shutterbug, waiting for the day when she, too, lets the registration lapse and I can snap it up again, letting the Liquid Bitch movement take over the nation.

Because it will.

Anyway, this rock-n-roll ramble sets me up to take a stab at the music meme that L.A. Daddy posted recently over at The Blogfathers. Go check it out when you get the chance. In the meantime, here’s what this Liquid Bitch has to say about the tunes that rocked my world.