Not to be your mom, but please listen

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, and I never plan to ask you guys to promote my posts, but this is one exception. Please, please pass this one on.

Last night, my former roommate told me she didn’t want to go out because she had a bad night on Wednesday. I figured it was to do with someone she’s dating or something. The normal bs that leads to “bad nights.” But when I asked her this morning, it was a whole lot more serious and MUCH scarier – someone drugged her.

She was at a bar she goes to regularly with friends. She told me there was a group of people she’d never seen before, and they asked her to do karaoke with them. Afterward, they bought her a shot. This is fairly normal behavior, and, like her, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Awhile later, after she got home, she started hallucinating. Even worse, she lives alone. And she can’t even smoke weed without having serious problems. Drugs are not her thing. I would have been scared shitless – and she definitely was. She said she was aware of what was happening but couldn’t control her body. I speak from experience when I say that’s absolutely the worst feeling ever and I’m just SO glad she was home when it happened.

The thing is that we all know not to take drinks from random guys, especially if the bartender doesn’t hand it directly to you. But the group that bought her a shot? All women.

Women drugged her. I have no idea why, but my best guess is that they wanted to see what happened. See some girl embarrass herself. Whatever. But she could have been seriously hurt, and she WAS seriously scared. If she hadn’t made it home before it kicked in, I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.

I’m guessing since it’s Friday, many of us, myself included, will be at a bar tonight. Most of us know to watch out for ourselves when a man offers us a drink. But please please please think twice before anyone offers you a drink. I’ve never heard of women drugging another woman, but clearly it does happen. I know none of you are stupid but neither am I and I would have taken the drink too. So please just be careful this weekend and be safe.