Oh, The Races You’ll Run!

I’ve never been particularly good at keeping up with my own fitness. Since high school, when my extracurricular life was lacrosse practice and dance classes, I lost my motivation for routine. I’d pick up a class here and there, a single credit Pilates class, or drop in to Zumba classes, but nothing stuck. And I’ve definitely never been a runner. Team sports could get me going for an hour, but jumping on a treadmill? I was lucky to make it a quarter-mile before I started to basically die.

But this year, I want to shake things up. I noticed that, of anything, running is the easiest to pick up and do anywhere, anytime. (I don’t have enough yoga under my belt to do that alone, otherwise that would be my next choice. A goal for another time!) The only thing keeping me from being a runner is myself — and changing that has been long overdue.

So what’s the difference now? A game plan. Boyfriend suggested I simply sign up for a race, and train for it. So I grabbed the Couch to 5K plan and figured out when I’d be “done” training, and signed up for the St. Patty’s Day Shamrock 5K in March. Somewhere along the line I also got roped into the Warrior Dash in May, a survivalist-style race with fire and barbed wire and mud. (YIKES.) I’m also looking ahead to October, when I could have the opportunity to sign up for the Baltimore (Half/Relay) Marathon. I want to cross that road after my first race though.

With those on the calendar, I’ve got something to keep me motivated from week to week. I’ve also got a killer playlist that helps time pass on the treadmill, which I’ll post later this week.