Something written by someone else for a change

Ok, I know I promised to continue/finish the Gloria and Janey saga, but I’ve been busy with actual work and stuff, and it’s Rockies opening day and I have beer to drink and baseball to watch. Also, my non-boyfriend-whatever-he-is posted what was originally an email to his dad on his facebook page, and I thought it was super awesome and way more meaningful that anything I’ve ever written on here and so he said I could steal it. Even if you don’t play golf (ahem, me) or find it particularly interesting (me again), I think we can all take something from this.

This Game of Golf

So today I went to Golf Galaxy, and bought some golf balls..Got a pretty good deal I bought 36 Titleist ProV1’s for 34 bucks…Not a bad deal at all, but while I was there I started wandering around looking at clubs, and started thinking about how I got into the game of golf…Do you remember what my first set of clubs were?, They were Nancy Lopez Wilson’s…I don’t know if we even still have them laying around, but I really started thinking about when I got the clubs, and how stoked I was to play. I do believe that this is the only game that I ever got into on my own. None of my friends got me into golf, and I hadn’t really been around the sport until I got those clubs. I wasn’t playing golf because of my friends, or because everyone else was. I played golf because I wanted to..The very first round of 18 holes I played was with Doug Lawson, Andrew Hodge, and myself, at The Links in Highlands Ranch.

I shot a 103 that day, my very first time out on a course, I was 11.

So I have been a student of the game of golf now for 15 years, as of this golf season. I have learned more about myself on the golf course than anywhere else in life on my own. I’ve over come fear, and failure. Look beyond what had happened to me in the past, and look to my future. As if when I’m standing on the tee box, it’s my next step in life, and the cup is my ultimate goal… Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than others, but the out come is always the same, but the ball in the cup, and move on; or achieve what I’m going for and look back on what I had done and move on. Learning the lessons of what I had done, and what I need to do next time.

This game of golf is more to me than a game. Yes each time I go play I want to have fun, and enjoy it. But golf has always had that special place in my heart to be more than just a game. It’s been there to be my escape. The one place I can go to see my life, and the world around me through clear eyes. As I’m walking away from the tee box, down the fairway (or in the rough), I have 200 plus yards to think. Think about how to approach my next “shot”. Whether it’s on the course or in life, I have those steps down the stretch to see all that’s around me. My sanctity, and sanity all can be found on those acres and acres of lush fairways, and greens.

This game of golf has been the only sport, that I’ve taught myself how to play. I’ve gotten feedback, and help from those around me. And looked at each course only one way. Completely fearless. Intimidation has show itself from time to time, but I’ve never once been afraid to step up on that tee box, dig my feet into the sand, or crouch down to read the green. I’ve been victim to a course from time to time, and I’ve even had times where the course has fallen victim to me. But I’ve always had respect for the game. I’ve learned how to pick myself up when I was down, and I’ve learned to be humble when I’m on top, and to keep pushing forward when I think all is lost.

This is something I started doing without even realizing it until today, that every time I finish a round of golf; no matter if it’s 9 hole or 18 holes, as I walk away from that final putt, I take off my hat. I take off my hat just as the pros would to show respect to the others in the group, and I look back at that last tee box. As if I were going to say thank you. Thank you for the round and the lessons I’m walking away with today. I may not realize them all right now, but when I least expect it I’ll remember being out here, and thinking of whatever it may have been. Thank you for giving me confidence when I least expected it, and thank you for keeping me grounded before it was too late. Lessons I couldn’t have learned from watching anyone, or heeding anyone’s advice, but lessons I had learned by going through them.

So in retrospect, this is a thank you letter to the game of golf, and to each and every tee box I have stepped on. With this season coming to an end, I guess I’ll say it as I would on the 18th, Thank you. This season has been one for the books, and I’ll be back again next season.