The newly found and updated version of the Dell series is the Dell Inspiron 15z Review , it has some of the features similar to that of the ultrabook itself . It has a dual Processor that is the core i5 and modern and advanced graphics system on the Intel The new series of the Dell that is the dell Inspiron is a new platform for the users of the dell series across the whole world beneath , it has an incredible production and sales all over the entire world , and it does multitasking and many jobs precision with over lightning speed it’s totally unbelievable for us , it’s also indeed the best of social media and entertainment too,  and also the ultrabook designed by the window 8 (Microsoft) it also has phenomenal features and apps and also the best touchscreen sensors too, and the main aim behind this is the extra protection coat of layer for the interaction.


The New Design :

The new version of the Dell Inspiron 15z is quite simple and steady to use and attractive in its looks and its shape  size , the silvered coated aluminium boundaries are pretty much attractive , and it is including a clear Logo of Dell exactly at its center , the good and round ends and the fainted powdered plastic cover which is colored gray in color, and all this modification that is being made makes the ultrabook more attractive and also good by its external experience also , Entirely both the lids and the decks too are combined with together .

The color contrast has really changed the gadget to a different level , by itself which has created a good popularity   of  the updated version of the new Dell Inspiron 15z and has made it more successful  too. The buttons are made so easy and smooth so that it can be used conveniently and comfortably with ease . And deep down from this there is a dorsallylited keyboard that actually lies in a chambered form , it has also given a huge sized screen pad which is mainly gray in color including two of the mouse buttons which  makes  the entire completion go complete the actual deck of it  , Moreover to it the great silvered, Moon   is pretty much awesome and better to be used , here we have also got a wide range of the lid which can be changed easily with the 15z of it , and this option is available to the notebooks of the Inspiron series.

The new Dell Inspiron series has really got a good quality of touch for the screen modes available , so that the users can easily move the smallest of the icons easily and smoothly. We can open any of the file that seems on the desktop easily with the touch mode available to us.

The Audio Functions :

The Dell Inspiron has really got a good quality speakers which are actually given by the great headphone company that is the Skull Candy itself it has really got a good sound quality and speaker quality too,  moreover the game sounds and voices are also clear and of great quality that can be easily herded ! Hope you have enjoyed our todays article and has got to learn some great and exciting features of the Dell Inspiron 15z!