The Places You’ll Go!

Early last year, I had big plans for new adventures. I made it to New York City and Bloggers in Sin City (BEST EVER). From that list, I didn’t make it to #140conf, and I passed up the family trip to Florida due to work and other plans for vacation days. That was all I had planned last February, but the time of that post, I hadn’t yet met the boyfriend. He’s a fantastic travel bug and always has a trip up his sleeve. We took a few trips together including…


  • Buffalo and Niagara Falls: We drove up for the weekend with friends for a football game – his alma mater vs. Buffalo. While we were there, we pigged out on original Buffalo wings at Anchor Bar and drove up to Niagara Falls since it was right there. My favorite parts of the trip were tailgating before the football game and riding the Maid of the Mist almost straight into the Horseshoe Falls!


  • Orlando: An annual trip I joined for the first time – Boyfriend and his friends take a trip back to Orlando for their homecoming every year. In addition to a full day of tailgating and football fun, the group of 20+ take on the Epcot “Drink Around the World” challenge. We also went to Universal Studios (HELLO HARRY POTTER WORLD!) and I died from loving it so much. SO MUCH.


  • Ocean City: If you judge by the traffic, everyone and their mother leave Baltimore for Ocean City on the weekends from May through September. This year we bookended the summer with trips on Memorial Day and Labor Day. I say you can never go wrong with a vacation involving seafood buffets, mini-golf, and spending six hours at a table in the bay with delicious tropical drinks.

So far this year, we’ve only started planning a trip to Southern California (with a potential stop in Las Vegas) in the spring, which I’m super excited about. I’ve never been to the west coast, so it will be a whole new adventure for me! I’m sure we’ll also have trips to Ocean City in store this summer in addition to Florida vacations, at the very least for Homecoming and Drink Around the World again.

Beyond that? I’ve got New Orleans on my list, Texas and Seattle. I’d like to visit every state eventually, but that’s where I want to start. And even though I’d love to plan an international trip, right now I’m ruling them out for financial reasons. If I win the lottery soon, I’ll to go back to Birmingham and Paris, and explore new destinations like Greece, Italy, and Egypt. For now, I have lots to daydream about!