Things to Consider Before Buying a Printer for Yourself

Computers in the recent days have become the most important device that is almost used by everybody. Just buying a monitor, mouse and keyboard is not enough. Printer has become a necessary device and is one of the most important laptop or PC accessories. Now there are certain things that are necessary for you to know before buying a printer. It is necessary to know the speed of the printer, the quantity and quality of ink that it requires to print on the pages and also about the unwanted noise it is making during printing.

Clarity of the printing product is also necessary and the intensity of the color is also an important factor. Different printers have there own qualities, so you should buy a printer that matches your demands. There are mainly three types of printers:

Dot Matrix Printer:

It is a type of printer which produces illustrations through pins. It is considered as a high expensive printer. When compared to the price, the quality is not satisfactory. However these printers can print in multi pages whereas a Laser printer or a Inkjet printer cannot do these jobs. Different dot matrix printers have got different speed that depends on the quality desired.

Inkjet Printer:

Inkjet Printer is a type of printer that prints by spaying ink on the paper. It has a high quality printing ability the ink jet printer produces letters through dots with a higher resolution of 600 or more dots/inch. The main manufacturers are HP, Epson etc. They have the quality to print more pages per minute. The print quality is higher if the dot per inch is more. These printers use cartridges which should be injected from time to time. The ink jet printer has a low cost price as compared to lesser printers. One of the major disadvantage is ink bleeding and is not so recommended for printing high volumes.

Laser Printer:

Laser printer uses laser beams to produce drums and then after various steps illustrations are printed on the paper. It has got a higher speed as compared to dot matrix and ink jet printers. Toner cartridges are used by lesser printers. Its parts include cartridge components, toner, fuser, motherboard, sensors and corona wires. They are also called page printers. These printers have a higher resolution. It has capability to print in different forms.

Besides there are other printers that can have multiple qualities. The all-in-one printer can send fax and also do scanning. It can also make copies. So we can see that there are various printers available in the market. Buying the best one depend on you and so be aware of the things that provides you the best one.