Securing the email against various online threats is one thing that one needs to take care of. The threats to the email are multi dimensional these days, ranging from hacking of password to dangerous viruses. As the technology is improving day by day, so are the email hackers. New password hacking softwares are discovered everyday by unscrupulous persons. Along with them, new types of viruses and malwares are also being discovered every day. Hence, one should be extremely careful while browsing the internet about the safety of their accounts.

Closing the exposure window when the PC is not being used is very important. One should never forget to log out from their account before leaving their PC and laptops. It is even better to close the mail screen also. The speed with which the hackers can act and get access to other’s email account is unimaginable. Hence, it is better to log out from the account even while leaving the computer for just a few minutes. This is especially important while browsing in internet and cyber cafe.

Social engineering scams are always very dangerous about which one should always be very careful. These engineering scams contain spam mails which are skillfully customized to hack the details of others’ emails. Such scams have been discovered in very large numbers these days. These spam mails use the name of big branded companies to lure the people into reading their mail. During the month of June 2010, it was estimated that more than 85% of all the mails that were sent via these social engineering were spam. They also use face book, twitter, orkut and other popular social networking media for spreading their spams.

Returning the emails with attachments is another way of hacking or blocking the account of other person. Such attachments are usually viruses like Trojans which are very harmful to the email account. Such attachments may be in the form of PDF files or any link to malicious executive files which attack the entire system. The senders of such mails use several techniques like making the files look like as if they have been forwarded. They also use the brand names of some reputed trustworthy companies.

There are several scammers who make a combination of emails, website and data stealing. A unified security system protects the computer against all these types of threats. This combined solution has multiple layers of security to both the PC and email account. This combined security secures the system and email account against not only the existing and most common threats, but also against unexpected threats that may arise at any time in future.

Updating the security system is also very important. Changing the passwords frequently is one of the most important steps that one should never forget. Newer and newer threats arise every day. It is impossible to fight against such threats or even to detect them, hence inventing newer techniques to fight against such threats. There is a service which helps the people to update their security software, namely Security-as-a-Service. It is the best way to get the email account and in fact the entire system secured against newer threats.