Top 5 Alternatives to Whatsapp

It is a free of cost solution in your smart phones for communicating across the globe. Whatsapp is not exclusively made for any single operating system but it is easily used for iOS and Android phones. Its advantage cannot be only limited to SMS you can also send videos and audio messages to your buddies.

But due to some drawbacks it is losing its popularity in the market. Rumours are there that it may charge 0.99 dollars for providing services to its customers. Some latest inventions that are best alternativess to whatapp are as follows.


Viber is also one of the best alternatives to whatsapp. It is a cost effective resolution for many other messengers. You can easily communicate with your friends without paying a single penny only thing you just have to do is to always get connected to 3G or Wi-Fi services. Another most important thing is that it does not require any passwords or registration for accessing it. High Definition Voice calling, Video Calling, Group Conversations and many more can be easily done through Viber. It is much akin to whatsapp but only thing is that an access code is sent to your smart phone. You need just locate that the any of your contacts are just linked to Viber then you can start messaging.


It is not only served as better option but also remarkable application with lots of features. Moreover it helps you to chat not only with a single friend but more than one simultaneously. It’s always fun when more number of friends gossip or chat at a single time. Chat plus will add colours to your thoughts. While sharing your thoughts and emotions you can insert various designed frames to it. You can easily sketch various images and inculcate various emoticons. Chat plus enables you broadcasting SMS and posting messages over Facebook and Twitter.


Over 200 million of users are using line application for communication purpose. Users can enjoy sending images, audio messages, video messages and making free voice over IP calls. Another exciting feature in these apps is that you can buy virtual labels portraying unique and renowned characters. Almost all of the labels can be downloaded free of cost. Again at every week it is updated by new labels. In Line application will also enable you high qualitative calls from smart phones and personal computers also.

Google Hangouts:

Another best alternative to whatsapp is Google Hangouts. It is also used for spontaneous messaging. It is easily accessible for Android phones, iphones and Google chrome. Hangouts are simple featured so that anybody can access the application without facing any trouble. If you do not want to pay a single penny for video calls and text messages then just go for Google Hangouts. It has awesome sharing capability in itself. It is a complete package of group messaging, photo and video sharing.


Nowadays WeChat is gaining huge popularity among all the youngsters for messaging and sharing purposes. It is much analogous to whatsapp because it follows the same registration process as the whatsapp. After entering your Cell Number and receiving the verification code through text message it will get activated on your smart phone. Overall WeChat is the best alternative to whatsapp.

After coming across few better alternatives to whatsapp it is just up to the user to prefer the right and appropriate messenger application for your smart phone and iphone.