Top 5 Android Apps for Web Designers

There are millions of apps available for Android on Google Play Store. Today I’ll be going to share a list of android apps for web designers. If you are a web designer and own an Android phone or tablet then this article is for you. These apps will make your ‘web design’ life easier than ever before. Now, let’s have a look on top 5 android apps for web designer.

Adobe Idea:

Adobe is a well known name in designing field. And Adobe Idea is an app from team Adobe for Android phones and tablet by which designers can pen down their ideas quickly on its surface. It also has a sketch tool to draw the layout. This drawn layout can be shifted to Photoshop or Illustrator for further changes. This app is supported by all android devices and you can buy this app for $6.99 from Google play store.

Adobe Shadow:

The next name in this list of Android apps for web designers is Adobe Shadow. This app is available for free at Google play store. This is an amazing android app for web designers and web developers who want to target mobile designs. You can easily edit the layouts by the help of this app. It allows you to connect your Android device with your PC and perform remote inspection and debugging so that you can see the HTML/CSS and javascript changes instantly on your Android phone’s browser.

Javascript Reference:

Java script reference is an amazing android app for web designers. Its simple and easy to use interface makes it more amazing. This app allows you to do the scripting part for your website directly from your android phone. This app has all built-in Javascripts objects, all HTML objects and a lot more. You can download this app from Google play store for free.

Color Reference:

It is a great free android app for web designers. This app has simple and user friendly interface which makes it more popular than other color reference apps. This app will let you mix and match colors easily and effectively. It is one of the most versatile and useful color aid tool available at Google play store. You can download it for free from Google play store. The average rating of this app is 4.3 out of 5.0 at Google play store.

Typogarphy Junkies:

Typography is an important part of a web design. It is important for a web designer to get updated with latest font and typography news in the market. If you are a designer and often use fonts then this is an app which you should have in your android phone. It will keep you updated with latest news about fonts.