Android, at present the most fashionable and facilitated operating system accessible in the market. This very operating system is ggo alternative mainly for touch screen devices like iPhones, iPads and other Smartphone. It is a multi lingual operating system with Google play and APK package manager. Nowadays Android phones and gadgets have become a fascination of technology freak people and so the demand of this is on a sky high level. Initially it was found mostly in the products of Apple but then Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG also incorporated this operation system into their products. As the technology improved experts found out a millions of specialties only for Android like games, apps, browsers etc.

There are millions of browsers made especially for android but very few of them work properly and up to the expectation. Let u have a look at the top 5 best android browsers.


The most useful and valuable feature of this very browser in its ad-ons. Other than that it is a tabbing browser that it is able to import bookmarks. This undoubtedly one of the best browsers for android.


This is one of the most popular browsers available and suitable for the android gadgets. Initially it was launched only for desktops but at the present time it is very popular for android as well. This is a well facilitated browser that offers variety of bookmarks, tabs, history, pictures and passwords that can be synchronized with great ease. It is designed with a very simple to use interface although it has some problems in its speed and performance.


People who are asking for a fast browser for Android phone, opera is the best browser. Fast browsing is the main facility of opera browser. It is very well designed and easy to access. The most attracting feature of opera is its data compression facility. So many android users go for this very browser only because of this facility. Other than that it is designed with a very simple interface that helps the new users to access the device with ease. Having such facilities it has a downside as well. This very browser is not so good in playing all type of videos. It is hoped that the company will soon make it able to bear that and it will hold the top position in the top 5 list of android browsers.


Apart from Opera, another browser is named Chrome. This is a very popular browser for desktop as well. It is a fast browser for which a number of users choose to have it on their android device. It offers a well synchronized bookmark too. But people who are using a low space android device are suggested not to use chrome since it takes huge power for processing.


It is the world’s fastest web browsers on which you can play videos, flare files with smoothness. It is so good that helps in playing HTML5 videos. Maxathon is a perfect browser for low space android users that no one can claim any complain against it.