We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday… well, probably not

My dad’s birthday is tomorrow and I think I’ve set myself up for disaster.

I’m slated to go catch The Dark Knight with him.

No, that’s not the problem.

(We might be the only people not to have seen it yet, but he likes the whole superhero genre, and even though I don’t, the massive hype has sort of piqued my curiosity. An added bonus is we’re catching a noon showing of it on a Monday, so it should mean we won’t have to deal with a lot of lines or people, and we’ll have our choice of seats in the theater.)

The problem is this: it’s the big 6-0 for Pops.

And — by not thinking things through fully — the potential for disaster was created just prior to Momz’ 60th birthday last month when I purchased a birthday cake through the bakery Pops and his current wife own.

My initial internal debate was over whether it was appropriate to have and/or Momz would appreciate a cake made by Pops’ wife and/or her bakery minions. It was more than enough reason not to do it, but I’m apparently stupid sometimes. Plus, the idea was sort of, though not completely, rushed — I put the cake order in the Tuesday before Momz’ Sunday birthday (the bakery isn’t open on Sundays, but I was able to pick it up then anyway).

Pops divorced Momz 10 years ago because, well, he was a moron (and sometimes still is). You see: Momz is the awesomest. And you wanna know how I know how?

Among zillions of other reasons (yes, there are that many), because I knew that if I got the cake through Pops and his wife, Momz would more than likely be fine with it. Momz has made peace with how things played out and holds no animosity toward anyone, even though she has every right in the world to so.

I got the cake, and not only did Momz appreciate that I spent extra money on a quality bakery cake than some grocery store cake, she more than anything seemed to really appreciate that I drove the 45 minutes each way between where I live and the bakery to go pick up the cake.

(Looking back, I probably should’ve just found another real bakery closer to where I live and just got a cake there, despite that it would’ve cost me probably an extra $10-15. Even though a cake through Pops wasn’t as cheap as a grocery store cake, I got the hook-up on a discount, so it was cheaper than I’d pay elsewhere. Plus, I’d have saved gas money, though maybe not $15 worth. Or maybe I should’ve just figured out a way to switch out the bakery box so Momz would’ve never known it was through Pops’ bakery.)

Anyway, now the whole the potential for disaster thing.

Firstly, I’ve compounded it by letting Pops’ birthday completely sneak up on me.

I don’t have anything for him yet, and it was only yesterday [!] that I called him to set up plans for tomorrow.

But secondly, the fact that he knows I went out of my way to do something nice for Momz for her 60th means he’s probably expecting something nice from me for his 60th.

Normally I have a decent gift ready for him, or if I don’t, I can call up his wife — despite having a shaky relationship with her – and ask her something I can get him, even if it’s at the last minute.

But not this time.

She knew/was involved in part of Momz’ birthday gift, so even if Pops is content just to spend time with me, which he often is (though probably not this time), I’ll probably face a bunch of scrutiny from her and/or she’ll complain about my thoughtlessness and/or lack of equal birthday treatment behind the scenes to Pops.

This sucks. I’m so screwed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be out scrambling for a way to climb myself out of this hole I’ve dug.